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About Us     The Gordon Family      leaves Canada, again!

In October 2002, Thom Gordon moved to Kuwait to take up his third posting in the Middle East. On December 1st he was joined by Wife, Lorie and two youngest sons, Jared and David. Together they began another world-class adventure in exotic foreign cultures.

To add to the adventure, their eldest daughter, Jennifer, joined them in September 2003 to take up a teaching position at the American Acadamy for Girls (AAG).

They had left behind their son, Ryan and daughter, Anjanette. One of the last serious family gatherings before beginning the adventure was to see Anjanette married to Jeff Clements. Since that time Anjanette and Jeff have kept busy adding grandchildren.

August 3rd, 2002 - The Gordon Family all together in Calgary's Heritage Park for the Anjanette's Wedding
Left to Right - Ryan, Jared, Thom, Anjanette, David, Lorie and Jennifer.

August 3rd, 2002 - Anjanette and Jeff Clement's Wedding

Christmas 2003 - Grand Holiday in Egypt with Jennifer

June 2004 - Grand Holiday in Disneyland, California with Anjanette, Jeff and Kailey


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